The Nosara Hills development project is owned by one of the most experienced construction companies in the Guanacaste area, ensuring that all aspects of settling here are guided with professional diligence. The key features include:

  • Private roads and security gates
    We value privacy and security as highly as you do, and aim to make your experience in Nosara Hills is as pleasant as possible. Residents will enjoy the beauty of nature in a private environment, established in secluded mountaintop territory that is available for entry only to residents and their guests.
  • Independent water supply
    We ensure that every housing project in Nosara Hills is connected to our private water system, making sure that our residents never go without ammenities.
  • Construction and development assistance
    In addition to providing a variety of pre-designed home and construction options, we can also help bring your dream home to life. We’ll handle everything from permits to design, as well as the actual construction of your property. During your time off from Nosara Hills, we offer professional property management and maintenance services; we can even handle the renting of your home if you wish to make extra income!

We provide all of this in one of the fastest growing eco-friendly communities in Costa Rica, making Nosara Hills the perfect place to relax into a lifestyle of peace, serenity, and pura vida.