We take great responsibility in ensuring that our development area is sustainable and have made it our mission to promote conscious living that guarantees the longevity and preservation of the amazing landscape. Keeping the Territory Natural As part of our effort to develop a fully sustainable eco-friendly village, we go the extra mile in assuring that the development remains in synergy with its surroundings. As much as 40% of the Nosara Hills territory will remain open with an abundance of parks, playgrounds, waterfalls and greenery for the community, all planted with native trees and growth that further support the unique natural setting. Green and Comfortable Living We do our best to recycle and conserve, utilizing the latest technologies that ensure a minimum impact on the landscape. Our proudest achievements in this area are:

  • Deploying 10 pick-up points for recyclable waste
  • Providing the opportunity for villa owners to grow green rooftops
  • Utilizing solar energy in water pumps and other amenities
  • Developing a waste water treatment plan, that uses purified water to support the greenery

While managing your private property lies solely in your discretion, we encourage everyone residing in Nosara Hills to participate in ensuring a bright and green future for all of us.