With untouched landscapes and incredibly diverse wildlife at every turn, the idyllic Latin American country of Costa Rica is one of the most spectacular tropical retreats in the world. At the same time, smart infrastructure and modern amenities make Costa Rica fully suited to families, travelers and tourists.

Where Oceans and Mountains Meet
Perhaps the most enchanting feature of Costa Rica is the tropical climate, featuring a combination of mountain and coastal landscapes that merge into a blissful paradise. With the largest number of national parks and protected areas in the world, the millennium-old forest paths will be a truly memorable experience.

Modern Healthcare and Amenities
With affordable world class healthcare system, no national army since 1948, and visitor-friendly local communities, Costa Rica makes everyone feel at home. In addition, thousands of both outdoor and indoor pastime options, as well as 24/7 electricity and internet coverage ensure you’re living the life to the fullest.

Perfect Business Landscape
As the fastest developing country in Central America, Costa Rica is the perfect place for families and investors alike. Convenient flights, no capital gains tax, and a stable government make real estate investments highly profitable for U.S. and Canada residents alike.

Home to the most amazing flora and fauna on earth, the tropical haven of Costa Rica has something to offer to everyone. When you are done enjoying the wonders of nature, world-class service and entertainment awaits!